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Book Discussions: Eragon by Christopher Paolini


Hello reader! 

Today's book discussion is going to be about Eragon, the first book in the four-part series called The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. 

I had been meaning to read this book for a very long time, I grew up constantly hearing about it, and now I finally have. And since beginning it, I was made aware that Eragon is actually quite the controversial book. Some people hated it with a burning passion and others defended and loved it with a burning passion, and then others just said "eh it's a thing" and left it at that. 

Now I want to put my two cents into the hat. 

I want to start by saying no, you cannot watch "Star Wars: A New Hope" and know the entire story of Eragon. They aren't the same stories. Paolini did not just rewrite Star Wars. 

But I will follow that up by saying yes, inspiration was clearly taken from Star Wars (and also Lord of the Rings) for many elements of this book. 

It seems to me that Paolini did what many young writers are guilty of; they absorbed their favorite story and - likely unknowingly - leaked parts of it into their own story. Eragon is a farm boy, there is an evil Empire, Eragon lifts rocks with magic at one point, Eragon has an old man mentoring him, and three spoiler-y things happen that are very clearly taken from Star Wars.  

While at a glance this seems to be a plagiarized story, Paolini took a different approach to each thing and they all carried a different weight and/or consequence (good or bad) that was relative and relevant to the story. And that is not all that Paolini did. He did write non-Star Wars-y things (it's an almost five-hundred page book, after all). 

So is it like Star Wars? Yes, very much so.

Is it Star Wars? No, it is not. 

Will it bug a Star Wars fan to read? Very likely. 

Does this alone determine if it is a good or bad book? No, it does not. 

Okay, so there's my thoughts on that part. With that out of the way, let's talk about some other things Eragon takes from. 

Eragon is one of many fantasy stories which uses the "classic" fantasy themes. Dwarves use axes and live underground, elves are regal and don't like dwarves or humans and they use bows, and humans are humans. The "chosen one" trope is definetly here. It's got its own equivalent to Tolkien's orcs. It's got a battle. It's got a cool sword. It's got a dragon. It's got a girl good with swords.

Part of me wanted to dislike that, but then I thought about how that wasn't exactly an overused set of tropes and themes back in the day, and that even if it was, it's one of those things that isn't necessarily bad to be used repeatedly. What I mean by that is there's some things that get bad the more you use it, and some that you just come to appreciate for being a "classical" element. Like how some dairy products you do not want to sit around forever, but the longer cheese is set the better it is. Kinda. 

So those classic elements aren't something that I hold against the book for reusing. And I actually really liked how Paolini went about doing them. Because, again, while he did take things from previously established stories and reused them, he didn't just do that. I wouldn't say he made it his own, but he made it so it's not quite the same, which kept it interesting.

And then there were the things that he actually made himself. Such as the world (which was thoroughly designed), the languages (which were mostly used for cultural purposes, such as names, but well thought out), the magic system (which was a language and was very believable). Some of which I've actually seen in some of my favorite fantasy books, having no idea that they were taking from Eragon.  

The storyline is a classic fantasy storyline. Boy finds out he's the chosen one, boy goes on mission to... well no, not save the world. Actually, he just wants revenge. Hm. That is kinda different for a "chosen one" trope. I appreciate this.

Anyways. It isn't an incredibly unique storyline, but it is familiar and again, interesting, and the other elements which I mentioned helped to flesh it out considerably. 

Now, let's talk about the writing style. Because I think this is the part I had the most confusing time with. 

Paolini's writing style was very confusing to me. Not because he wrote in a super complex way, but because usually the narrative was fairly bland, but then it would become engaging at other parts. If I were to see this problem in my own writing, I would say that it was probably happening because I as the writer wasn't as engaged in some places as I was with others. 

That may be Paolini's reason as well, but I don't quite think it is. And I say that because it wasn't always the exciting action-y parts that got me engaged, and it wasn't always the slow conversation and journeys that lost me. I don't quite know how to explain it. 

To deal with the parts when I wasn't engaged, I either skimmed, or I had to really lend the book my imagination so I could get more entertainment out of it (by that I mean I would have to add tones to the narration and dialogue, decide what the characters were thinking to make what they said more relatable, change the ways characters worded things, and at times add body language and facial expressions where they were lacking. Basically, I had to insert my own ideas that seemed mostly in line with what was actually happening so that I would stay interested). 

Then there was the lack of characterization. I believe this contributed to my above issue. I don't mean to say that the book had no character, but more of that the character that the book did have was spread across everything, including the actual characters. 

This may just be a personal preference, but when I write, my characters use different vocabulary from one another and from the narration. For example, in my current WIP, my MC would say "maybe," and my supporting male lead would say "possibly." It goes a bit deeper than that, but I'm sure you get the gist of it. 

Paolini's characters, specifically after the first hundred pages or so, didn't do this very much. The exception would be with Brom, Orik, and Saphira. Everyone else tended to use the same wording and for the most part think the same way, which made it hard to really like any of them, because they didn't stand out from one another in any consistent way. 

Overall, it was a decent book. I didn't enjoy all of it, or even most of it, but it did keep my interest and I don't regret reading it or anything like that. I still have a lot of respect for the book given that the author was so young when he wrote it. He proved that a young author can succeed, and for such a young author he did a really good job. 

So,  I respect Eragon and Christopher Paolini quite a bit in that regards. However, I didn't really like the book itself. It was okay, and I don't have any direct issue with it, and I did really like some aspects of it and certain lines, descriptions, interactions, etc., but it's not really a book that I'd miss if I lost my copy, you know?

However, I do plan to read on through the rest of the books This is partly because I'm curious about what will happen (how the story will go from where it left off), and now I'm invested in just seeing how Paolini went on as a writer through the series. The evolution of his writing, I suppose, as I then want to read his newest book, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

So, those are my fresh thoughts on Eragon. I wrote this the day I finished it, so I might have left out some things and my thoughts might not be concrete, but it is what it is. 

What are your thoughts on Eragon, The Inheritance Cycle, and Christopher Paolini as a writer? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

- EP 

P.S. Yes I'm still being lazy and not including post graphics. bite me. 

Friday, May 28, 2021

"Ignite" by Jenna Terese - Cover Reveal!


Hello everyone! 

One day, I was doing something (I can't be bothered to remember what), and I randomly thought "hey I wonder if Jenna Terese has gotten anywhere with publishing yet." Because, you see, I follow a great amount of people and often fail to keep track of all of them. 

So I made my merry way over to her website and lo! Behold! She hadn't just gotten "anywhere," she had gotten to the end goal of publishing and was now getting together a team for a cover reveal and had added it to GoodReads with a synopsis which sounded really cool

I was surprised and excited and after scolding myself for not paying better attention to the blogs I follow I signed up to participate in the cover reveal. 

So here we are!  Today, I am very pleased to say, is my cover reveal post for Jenna Terese's book Ignite, which is coming out on July 2nd of this year!

Before I show you the cover, here's information on the book. 

The synopsis: 

What if superhumans weren't considered heroes?

When Scarlett Marley is attacked by an illegal super with fire powers, she doesn't get burned, but now she has a fire-like glow flickering in her eyes.

With superpowers criminalized, she has no choice but to turn herself over to the Superhuman Containment Facility, or risk hurting everyone she loves. 

Her normal life seems lost forever, until she is selected to be one of the first to receive the experimental cure to destroy her powers. In exchange, she much first complete one mission:

Infiltrate and capture one of the largest gangs of supers in the remains of once-great Rapid City. 

With the cure and all her future at stake, Scarlett is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring these criminals to justice so she can return to her family. But this gang and their leader, Rez, aren't what everyone says, and Scarlett begins to question everything she was ever told about the SCF and the fire flowing in her veins.

The cure is her only hope for returning her life to what it was before, but is that life worth returning to after all?


Okay, now let's get to the cover reveal...

A little farther down...

Almost there...

Okay so maybe not "almost" but you're getting there.


There it is! There's that super amazingly cool cover that we've all been waiting for! (Seriously whether you like superheroes or not you have to admit that is an awesome cover.)

I am really very excited for this book. Like I said, I didn't know Jenna was not only so close to publishing but was actually towards the end of publishing, so I didn't have a hype buildup but was instead smacked with the hype out of nowhere and here we are now. 

I really would very much so like to read this book sooner rather than later. 

So, you know, if you maybe liked it enough to recommend it *subtle nod to the indie recs page*  or maybe you're curious and would like me to review it first *less subtle nod to the indie recs page* then you know, maybe you could just *gesture very unsubtly towards the indie recs page* recommend it to me so I would hm, say, be obligated to prioritize it above the books which I actually own maybe possibly probably?  Maybe? 

Anyways. Back into the more serious business...

 If you would like to follow Jenna, you can do so here: Linky-Link

And if you would like to preorder Ignite, you can do that here: Clicky-Link

And if you would like to add Ignite to your GoodReads, you can do that here: Clicky-Click

So then, what are you waiting for? Go to all the links! Preorder the book! Add it on GoodReads! Share all the other cover reveals! Go tell Jenna how excited you are! 

Go forth and support the indies, ink gremlins! (<<Is that what I'm calling readers of Bleeding Ink from now on? Possibly. Probably not as I'll forget it in .2 seconds but it works for now.)

Have a wonderful day (and if you're having a horrible day so far just remember that it'll probably be a lot more wonderful if you preordered the book) and safe journeys! 

- EP

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Sunshine Blogger Award Tag



I have been tagged with the Sunshine Blogger blog tag, tagged as "blog tags", as you can see below this post in my blog's tags. Thank you kindly, Ariel, for passing it my way once more. I award you the award for awarding people with awards.

Tag Rules:

~ Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. 

~ Answer all the eleven questions sent by the person who nominated you. 

~ Nominate eleven new blogs to receive the award and write them eleven new questions. 

~ List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your blog post. (I cannot be bothered for the latter presently. I will hopefully update this post some day and add the graphic.)

Questions from Ariel

What's your favorite song at the moment? Why do you like it?

It would likely be shanty "The Wellerman Come," as I've listened to many a cover of it and find myself singing it constantly. 

As for why do I like it, I'm always fond of a ballad. Songs to covey emotion are great, but songs that tell a story are my favorite. And this one always has a strong and free attitude to its sound which pairs with its story very nicely. 

Favorite book at the moment?

I don't know what I would've answered literal moments ago, but having just peeked at my older posts I found my one regarding The Last Dragon/The Last Elf by Silvana de Mari. And once again, my adoration and affection has been claimed by that darling book. 

It is perhaps my all-time favorite book. There's so much to love about it, and I miss reading it dearly (for I have lost my copy). 

If you were sucked into the world of your current WIP, what would you do? How would you make a living? Which characters would you get to know?

Ah, Ariel's slipping in world building into a tag, isn't she? XD 

If I were sucked into the world of "Roslyn," I would probably find my hope sinking faster than an anvil in water. Assuming, that is, that I would be sucked into the world as it is during my WIP and not before or after. Aside from that, the only other thing I think I would do is [spoiler] and stalk my characters as they go on their adventure.

To make a living, I would have to heavily rely on my knowledge of this world and the people within it to coax my way into odd jobs here and there. That wouldn't work often, but it would so that I could survive. Possible. Likely not. But there's a chance. 

For what characters I would get to know, probably my antagonist. He's a curious fellow, and strangely he and I are in agreement on some things. It would be very interesting to interact with him and see him actually doing the things that he does. 

What book is top on your TBR right now and why?

I have many fighting for that place at present, and unfortunately none of them are the ones I own. 

The Dragon Within by Melody Jackson and Mirage by Miranda Marie hold sentimental priority, as those authors are two of my favorites and those books mentioned are the only books of either that I haven't read yet. 

Sing To Me Of Rain by E.B. Dawson holds the top of my TBR for anticipated releases because it sounds and looks like an amazing book. 

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini is top for books that I already own because it's huge and seeing the giant stack of books sitting on top of my desk every night as I fall asleep, knowing they are unread, is intimidating. I am currently reading Eragon and not making great progress, but it is my hope that as the books progress, I get more engrossed with them. 

What subjects are you fascinated with these days? What's the latest fun fact you've learned on that topic?

I've been looking at sword stuff (though that's not really anything new) and author stuff, and learned that a sword Brandon Sanderson uses in one of his books is inaccurately made as a long sword, and more important that Sanderson new it was inaccurate but that his agent or editor (I forget which) made him change it because apparently using words that readers know is more important than being accurate.

If you could go to any three places in the world, where would you go and in what order? What activities would be on your "must-do" list?

Assuming I get to stay for a while, Ireland is priority. There I would volunteer to work at Mossy Bottom for a time, expose the countryside, and though I'm not at all a fan of alcohol, I'd have to spend some time in a pub (it's Ireland, after all). Not drinking, but sitting in a dark corner and observing everything like I'm Aragorn in the Prancing Pony, until the loud noises scare me away. 

Next would be Egypt, but not just anywhere in Egypt. You said "anywhere in the world," so I'm going in and under the Sphinx, exploring the covered place before its paws and slipping under the holes along its sides, and getting to see inside the figure itself without breaking that seal on its head. I want to know what's in it, and by use of this strange magic that is letting me go anywhere, I will just poof inside and poof back out once I'm done. 

Now for the last one I'm torn between Peru and Mexico for other archaeological reasons, and will thus instead choose neither because I can't decide. So instead I choose the underwater forest of somewhere. I don't know where it is, but it's beautiful and I want to see it by myself (with the proper equipment, lest I drown). 

If you could do anything with your hair for a day and have it go back to normal the next day, what would you do?

Well I'd have it turn into a fish and walk about freaking people out, of course. Or perhaps I'd turn it to water, still connected to my head of course, that stays in one form and floats around and all. That would be cool. Oh oh oh, it would also be cool to have all of my hair replaces with flowers, styled in a bob with the buds and blossoms all facing outwards. 

However, if you want me to choose something possible, I would make my hair as long as Rapunzel's and braid it up like hers and see if, by use of many braids and tugging and tightening, I can make it the same length she had it when she'd gotten it braided. 

Once that experiment was done, I suppose I'd just cut it all off and donate it, assuming that the hair on my head goes back to normal the next day, and the seventy-something feet of hair that I've cut off will not cease to exist. 

What's your favorite tea? (Or coffee, if you're a weirdo who likes that bitter bean water.) 

Oh dear, are you trying to offend the Americans and Ethiopians? Tsk tsk. 

But to answer your question, it depends entierly on the type of tea. 

For black, Twinning's Irish Breakfast is my favorite. 

For white, passionfruit is my favorite.

For herbal, peppermint. 

For fruit, lemon ginger or peace ginger. Apple cinnamon is also could, but I must use heaps of sugar for that one so I usually reserve it for special fall nights. 

If you were to grow one type of plant, what plant would you choose?

Oh, I do not like this question. There are very many good and important plants. Hm. To answer this, allow me to tell you a story which took place three years back. 

I was crammed in a vehicle with several peers as we were traveling. These peers were not people that I particularly liked or disliked. They were just other humans. 

One way or the author, someone was talking about aloe vera. It may have even been me. Then a lad kept asking questions about aloe vera, such as "can you eat aloe vera?" "can you drink aloe vera?" "can you swim in aloe vera?"

To which I, having knowledge of the plant, replied "yes but it's not going to do much good for you," "technically, you could, if you scrape out the goop," and "I do not know. I suppose you might be able to with enough goop and liquid from the plants." 

Then he and another boy began discussing ways of using aloe vera to end world hunger. Some scheme involving dropping cats strapped with the plants off an airplane (using grocery sacks of parachutes) over  Africa so that the cats would (I am assuming, this was not specified) deliver the plants to starving people once they landed. 

When you keep that all in mind, these lads raised some fair possibilities. Given that you can eat aloe vera, that it has medicinal purposes, that (being a plant) it retains liquid, and that it is a hearty plant which produces more plants rather quickly depending on how you care for it, I cannot think of a plant that would be better to have for practicality. 

Your thoughts on dancing?

It is a quaint activity, especially when done in ballrooms and when taking the form of a group dance, it is a wonderful way to bring a community of people together to have good fun which isn't related to any of the great offendable subjects, and it is well for encouraging affection, even if one's partner is barely tolerable. 

In other forms, such as ballet and various styles and performance types, it is an art and fun thing which I admire and would quite like to do, but alas, cannot. 

What's your favorite Summer activity?

Reading outside during sunset. Sitting in a tree. Reading while sitting in the tree during sunet. Complaining about the humidity. Gardening.  Camping and hiking are wonderful as well, but those I'd prefer to do in Spring and Fall. 

Oh, I also enjoy inflating the giant llama unicorn that sprays water and that is affectionately named "Gandalf" so that I may watch my nieces (and my nephew, once he is old enough) play in it. And perhaps play in it a little myself.  

Mostly, anything that I can do while sitting on my porch as the sunsets is a good activity.

Eleven new questions for those who I have tagged: 

~ What is an unpopular bookish opinion of yours?

~ How do you feel about receiving and sending hand written letters? 

~ If you could swap places with anyone in the book community (reviewers, bloggers, writers, authors, etc.) for a day who would it be with and why?

~ What is your most anticipated book release of this year?

~ If you could bring back any trend from the past and implement it in our culture for the present to the foreseeable future, what trend would it be? 

~ You have to pick one of your least favorite songs to play at your funeral. What song do you pick?

~ What blog have you been following the longest? 

~ Name a indie song, book, and/or movie that you enjoyed. 

~ Would you eat a live worm if it meant you would get an endless supply of gummy worms afterwards? 

~ What is one thing someone has dong "For The Aesthetic" that you was incredibly ridiculous? 

~ How do you organize your books? ("I don't" is a perfectly fine answer.)


Mary from Wild Writing Dreams 

Miranda from Virtual Paper

Julia from Julia's Creative Corner 

Julia from LitAflame 

Anyone who cares to participate 

((Yeah I'm not tagging all eleven people. And I'm not actually going to tell these people that I'm tagging them, either. Not because I'm lazy (though I am) but because bloggers get swamped with tags fairly often. If you are one of the bloggers that I tagged and you just so happened to see this post, congrats, you've been tagged!)) 

 Well, that's the end of it the tag. Now that that's done, have you ever noticed that the tags always refer to the tag-ees as nominees? And the tag is called an award? So you're nominated someone for an award, but how do you actually win the award? There's been thousands upon thousands of people "nominated", and some of us have been nominated several times, so do we stand a better chance than others of winning the actual award? What is the actual award? When will we know if we've won it? 

I imagine that at the end of the world, when all has turned dystopian and smoke randomly emits from the earth for aesthetic, everyone wears gas masks, modern electricity as we know it has ended and been destroyed yet we still have some technological advances, a voice will randomly say over a loudspeaker (there is a world-wide intercom system, you see) the name of the winner of the Sunshine, Liebster, and other such awards. Then the voice, distorted and monotone will say "your prize will be delivered to you within forty-eight hours."

The winner will wait in suspense. All gas-mask covered faces, all lifeless eyes, will turn to them. The world will hold its breath to see what the long-forgotten nominations they'd received throughout their internet life could have won them. Jealousy and curiosity will mingle, but no one will attempt to pry the award from this fortunate soul, whatever it may be. No, they have to much respect for the years and years of unknown anticipation. The great and terrible prize - whatever it may be - will be the victor's alone. 

An hour passes. Ten. Twenty. Forty-seven. 

The vvm-vvm-vvm-vm of a spinning helicopter - a rusted and ruined device barely managing to stay in the air - can be heard over the ignorant simplicity of radioactive birds' song. The helicopter comes to hover over the victor. A rope ladder - oh prehistoric wonders that remain even so far into the future - is dropped, uncoiling itself, reaching out to the victor. 

The victor tentatively closes their hand around it. They climb up a few of the twisting rungs. The ladder is lifted into the helicopter as unseen hands pull it in. All people watch, their necks craned upwards as the victor disappears inside. 

The flying vehicle sputters. It drops a bit. it lifts more. Then it turns, heading a distance off, higher and higher while all watch. And then? Then, my dear losing nominee, the helicopter self destructs, and we unfortunate losers of this award are left in the misery that is the future while the victor finally gets to rest. 

Or something like that. Who knows. 

Anyways. I hope you enjoyed the post despite the fact that I haven't bothered to edit it. Have a great day. Remember to come back on July 1st for a fantasy trilogy giveaway. 


                        - E.P.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Giveaway Update: TFRC winners and July 1st



This past April I announced I was hosting a giveaway for The Fire Rain Chronicles. *Today, I officially conclude that giveaway and congratulate Sophia and Libby on winning their prizes! There was a bit of confusion when purchasing the copies, so they may arrive to your mailbox/inbox a bit later than expected, but they are coming! I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you two enjoy the books when they find their way to you.

*I wrote this on the twelfth but didn't finish it so I didn't post it. So technically, it was already concluded, but I am officially concluding it now.

You may have noticed that we had only two winners when I said there would be three prizes. This is because only two people entered this giveaway. I'm learning it is a difficult thing to promote giveaways, and so for the giveaways to come (after the July 1st one) I'm going to change my method of promoting them. In addition to that, though, I ask that you readers help spread the word when giveaways are being hosted here, as that will bring in more attention, and more attention is more support towards the indie author we're hosting. 

But in the mean time I have one extra prize, the copy of Azalei's Riders. With this one, I intend to reach out to a reviewer with an established audience and offer them it for free in exchange for a review. 

The coming giveaway in July will be of a very similar nature to this one as it's too late for me to make any big promotional plans this time around, but hopefully it will get more attention anyways. Please remember to spread the word about it and the indie authors page to writers and readers alike.

Thank you for much for reading this. I hope you'll come back on July 1st for the Dragons' Bane trilogy five year anniversary giveaway. 

Wishing you a good day, 

            - EP 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Fire Rain Chronicles Five-Year Anniversary {USA GIVEAWAY}


Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hiiiii! 

Remember how I said something big was going to happen one July 1st in my anniversary post? Well that's still going to happen (see the end of the post for details) but it turns out another big thing is going to happen today! And that is because TODAY, this most fabulous *April 24th, 2021, marks The Fire Rain Chronicles' (Azalei's Riders, Azalei's Strategy, and Azalei's Fall in that order), FIVE year anniversary! 

I am a big fan of Miranda Marie (the author of TFRC as well as the books Echoes and Mirage). And so to thank that wonderful woman for writing these wonderful books, here's Bleeding Ink's very first giveaway!  

I have decided to be a nice host and not make you read through this whole post before entering (because I know some people see "giveaway" and enter without really caring if they actually want the product or not), so first off here's the giveaway:

-Giveaway Information-

The prizes:

There will be three winners, and thus three prizes!

3rd place: A kindle copy of Azalei's Riders

2nd place: A kindle copy of Azalei's Riders as well as Azalei's Strategy 

1st place: The completed TFRC trilogy! Azalei's Riders, Azalei's Strategy, and Azalei's Fall with your choice of paperback or kindle copies! 

(The giveaway will be limited to the USA, I'm afraid. Hopefully in the future I will be able to offer giveaways that extent to all countries, as non-Americans should get to read these books, too!) 

How to enter:

All I need you to do to enter this giveaway isssss....

-Share this post (save it to a Pinterest board, send the link to a friend, post it on social media, post of of the graphics (at the end of the post) on social media, etc.)

-Email me (at to confirm your entry by providing visual evidence that you shared the post (screenshots, links to your posts, those such things) as well as telling me your first name.

-Comment on this post (about anything! Seriously you can even just say "boop beep". No profane or inappropriate comments, though, that's the exception.)

How winners will be chosen:

Once you've entered (again, by commenting and by emailing me), I'll draw names at random and we'll see who wins! I will then personally email the three winners and provide them with their digital copies, and/or ask for their place of residence if the first place winner chooses paperback copies.  

The Deadline:

The deadline for this giveaway will be May 11th (chosen because May 11th is the date that the books were republished on), so if you want to participate, make sure you enter by then! 

By May 12th, I will email the winners to let them know that they won. 

If you win:

I don't require anything, but it would really help the authors out if you left a review on as many review sites as possible (just one is okay too ;D) and told some friends about it. 

Also, if it turns out that you really like the books once you've read them, you should come back here and tell me about it! It would also be really sweet if you reached out to Miranda Marie and told her that you liked them, because it's always wonderful to be told that someone enjoyed something you made and indie authors don't get a lot of that.

-Information about the Books-

Alright, you've read the giveaway part, now here's the information on the actual books.


The Fire Rain Chronicles is a YA sci-fi dystopian trilogy that is independently published. Taking place in the early 3000s, it explores many interesting and sometimes difficult topics in a new light.

These books are filled to the rim with great and convicting characters, intense sequences, good worldbilding, good prose, and engaging narration, all while remaining clean content-wise (though there is violence) without breaking the realism. 

Book Description:

I am listing all three books' descriptions, but I personally would skip reading the last two if you've not already read the book that comes before them, because the descriptions kind of give a few things away. Not fully to spoiler point, but it's better safe than sorry.

Azalei's Riders:

It's the early 3000s and for the Southern Countries, there has never been a better time to live in. Technological advances have made the need for roads obsolete and drastically reduced the amount of earth needed to grow crops. As a result, much of the planet has been plunged back into the breathtaking, unknown wilderness it once was; a fact that has, for centuries, been celebrated. 

Until now. 

With the disappearances - thousands vanishing out of the sky every time a transport leaves on of the cities - it is soon becoming clear that the jungle that now separates the islands of civilization is harboring an enemy. Someone is here, I their forests, on their land, hiding somewhere in the vast, impenetrable space. Someone they can't see or detect. Someone who is making the cities go dark, on by one.

How do you fight an enemy who slips passed your radars, is undetected by your satellites, and concealed from your scouts?

Turn the tables. Develop your own secret weapon. One just as invisible to them as they are to you. 

Only this weapon isn't made of gears and wires. It's not moving pieces and a quick plug in to recharge. This one doesn't have a control panel, a comfortable seat, an air conditioned cockpit.

This weapon breathes.

Azlaei's Strategy:

Sometimes lines get blurred.

Sometimes the truth is a lie, and the lies are the truth. 

Sometimes what you believed was rain is really fire.

Sometimes your saving grace is the destruction you've been fearing. 

Azalei's enemy isn't the kind that subjects his people through fear and threats. He's a more dangerous kind of enemy - the kind that weaves hope and safety into chains. The kind that inspires, enthralls, and enraptures. He has always known that fear loses to hope in the end, and so he became the hope.

That leaves Azalei with the weaker weapon. She has to convince a country of happy, contented people that Carson isn't a hero at all - that he is, in fact, turning their children into weapons, filling their heads with lies of a greater tomorrow, and then robbing that tomorrow from the countries surrounding them. 

And she has to do it at her own trial.

Armed with a few young adults that are hardly more than children, a file of information, and a couple dozen dragons, she has as long as it takes a jury to find her guilty of treason to prove that Carson is the opposite of everything he's claimed to stand for. And that's if she can keep herself and the children from being murdered beforehand. 

Welcome to the game of strategy. 

Azalei's Fall:

A happy ending for all but one.

It's the last stage of Azalei's extensive, daring, world-inclusive plan. One more move and it'll all be over, for good. But with all of the Souther Country's people trapped in an inhospitable wilderness, some of her most prominent allies among them, the last piece of strategy isn't enacted before Carson uses his influence to turn her closest companion to his side.

Losing allies and watching as the world teeters on the edge of giving into Carson's threads, Azalei must return home and confront her people. Yet, even though tensions are rising world-wide, at home she is welcomed as their country's rightful queen. Her people ready to rise to her call, the world waiting for the moment she takes the throne and resolves this war before it begins, the Families prepared to back her in whatever way she asks, she makes a final move that no one could have seen coming. 

In twist after twist that rattles everything Azalei's allies thoughts they knew about her, Arae's true intentions finally come to light, and they're nothing anyone could have imagined. With Carson exposing a new side to his own plan that pushes the world into the brink, and their faith in Azalei disintegrating before their eyes, Azalei's friends start to question everything they thought they knew about the game they've been playing these last few months. 

In the aftermath, the only questions that will remain are these: Who is friend, who is foe, and who will burn?

Author Info:


Miranda Marie is 24 years old and lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She began writing when she was about 10 years old. Because she was dyslexic, reading was very difficult for her. Finding writing easier, she lost herself in worlds of her own making. 

She participates in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every fall, where she wrote and reworked all her books. She enjoys the community there, where she met many of her friends.

She's fascinated by turtles, as she believes they are essentially mini dragons with built-in armor.



Her website: Sincerely, Miranda Marie


Here's my fandom Pinterest board for The Fire Rain Chronicles: TFRC fan board

Keep an eye on that board (and my Pinterest account in general) for review posts and related content. 


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July 1st surprise: 

Given the nature of this post, I figured I should just go ahead and tell you what the July 1st thing is. It isssss...


Yep! This giveaway will be for Dragons' Bane by Melody Jackson. 

The reason why I promoted that giveaway and not this one is because I actually didn't plan on doing this giveaway this year. But then I found out this was the five year anniversary for The Fire Rain Chronicles, and threw it together sort of last minute. 

So. If you're more of a fantasy person, come back on July 1st for that giveaway! ;D 

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*The books, Amazon, and Google will say that Azalei's Riders (the first book in the series) was released on May 11th of 2018. This, however, is not true. If you go far enough back on Miranda Marie's FaceBook page you'll see it was published back in 2016, and if you look on GoodRead's date for when it was published, you'll it was April 24th of 2016.

The reason that those places say otherwise is because Marie re-published the books on that date. The original date, however, is April 24th, 2016, making this the five-year anniversary of The Fire Rain Chronicles.

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